Stephen and I

March 31, 2010

Stephen and I have been married almost 8 years now. However, it didn’t
take long for the bloom to go off our marriage, or at least the sexual
part of our marriage. Even with the limited experiences I had before
marriage. I soon realized that Stephen was not exactly a great lover in
bed. For one thing he tended to get off long before I had a chance to
reach any kind of climax and for another his somewhat undersize equipment
didn’t exactly thrill me (5″ and rather thin.) However, he is a good
provider and very attentive and caring toward me, so I overlooked his
shortcomings in this one area. I kept myself from getting sexually
frustrated by an occasional workout with a black dildo my husband doesn’t
know I have.

I’ve also kept myself in good shape by physical work-out, swimming and
dancing. At the ripe old age of 31 men still find my 34C-24-36 body and
long blonde hair worthy of long lustful stares. But, as I said I’ve been
faithful to Stephen during all the years of our marriage.

I suppose things might have gone along that way indefinitely if it hadn’t
have been for that fate-filled night several months ago. Every Tuesday I
enjoyed going out with some of the gals from my office. Stephen had his
bowling night each Thursday and agreed that it was only fair that I get a
chance to enjoy myself without him once a week as well. Normally we’d
just go out to dinner and have a few laughs. Sometimes a few drinks after
dinner but really pretty harmless fun. This night however we made a quick
stop for dinner that went to a night club that one of the girls had said
was the “IN SPOT” in town. We all had a lot to drink and we even enjoying
flirting with several guys at the club.

It was a mixed crowd and a couple of men kept glancing my way. In
particular one black men kept giving me lustful glances. I’m not from the
deep south or anything, yet the idea of a black man’s attention seemed to
peak my interest somehow. Later he came over to our table. He could see
my wedding ring and told me what a wicked little teasing white wife I
was. My friends and I just giggled and enjoyed doing some harmless
flirting. Although several guys invited us to go home to their apartment
with them, we were not looking for a “hot” night and just waived off
their obvious bold attempts at a sexual rendezvous. After a few more
drinks we called for a cab (as none of us were in a condition to drive.)

As we were waiting for the cab, we continued to chat about the men who
were trying their hardest to “pick us up” … sort of basking in the
warmth of their attempts to seduce us as a kind of enjoyable compliment
and ego trip for us. However, we all agreed that deep down we’d really
like to make it with a black man some time. As fate would have it we were
all pleasantly surprised when our cab driver turned out to be a very
handsome black man. He appeared to be in his 30’s, well built and well
over 6′ tall. With the boldness of the drinks in us and feeling like
giddy schoolgirls, we spent the next half an hour with all four of us
teasing the driver. We teased him not only by our innuendos but also by
showing a considerable amount of leg and cleavage as we adjusted our bras
and straightened the seams of our nylons, etc. We definitely had his
attention as he kept glancing at us in his rear view mirror. He seemed
really turned on by our behavior and kept joking that white girls like us
never knew what we were missing until we had tried black. As each girl
got dropped off he became a little bolder. By the time I was the last one
in the car he became much more direct and I just knew that I at least
wanted to kiss this handsome black stud. I jokingly said to him that the
other girls had forgotten to give me their share of the Taxi Fare, and I
just didn’t know how I could possibly pay him. He knew exactly what I was
getting at and pulled off into a quiet lane, stopped the taxi and looked
me straight in the eyes. He asked if I was just a little cock-teaser or
if I really wanted to become another white wife slut who feasted on black
cocks. He was so arrogant and confident and so unlike my insecure hubby!!
Something in me just melted with his masterful demeanor and I looked at
him and nodded my head yes. That wasn’t good enough for him and he
forcefully told me, “Listen slut, I want to hear it. Do you want a real
man. Say it.”

I felt compelled to respond , “Yes, yes. I want you to take me and use me
anyway you want.”

He wanted plenty, I can tell you that for sure. He slowly slipped my
dress and bra off me and then removed my panties. He made me keep my high
heels, nylons and garter belt on. He kissed me and it sent an electric
shock though me. His tongue was buried deep inside me and two of his long
black fingers found their way into my wetted pussy. He dropped his pants
and I gasped at a cock, nearly twice the size of my husband’s. He rubbed
it up against my pussy lips only twice before impaling that thick monster
into my cunt. To say I’d never felt anything that big, that strong or
that good inside me before would be a great understatement. It took me
less than five minutes for my first big climax. He on the other hand had
great staying power, fucking me for well over 30 minutes before
depositing his first load inside me.

Over the next hour I was fucked again (this time once doggy style) and
was forced to give him a blow job. There wasn’t a part of the entire time
that I didn’t enjoy including when he made me lick his cock clean of the
remaining cum that I hadn’t already swallowed. While fucking me he
enjoyed calling me many nasty names. In a sense I felt like a two bit
whore, but at the same time I was excited by being his white slutty
whore. Needless to say he was the best lover I’d ever had and whatever he
wanted and however he wanted it was OK with me!

When he then dropped me home, he insisted that I pay him the full taxi
fare, including the hours lost wages he had while fucking me. It felt so
dirty paying him as though he were my paid escort for the night. Never
the less, I gave him a $10 tip and said thank you when he gave me his
number. The final indignity was that he kept my panties which he hung on
his mirror as he pulled away.

As I said that was a couple of months ago. Since then we have met several
times and he has continued to educate me further into black sexing. He
has a deal with his supervisor that he is always assigned as the driver
whenever we gals call for a cabby after our weekly night out. You can
imagine my excitement each week always hoping that he’ll be our cab
driver and that he’ll DRIVE me home. He has not been inside my house yet,
but he has hinted several times that he wants to fuck me on my marriage
bed. I have to admit that there is something very exciting about the
naughty thoughts of having him fuck me in the bed I share with my
husband. My black stud has even boasted that one day when my hubby finds
out about all this that he’d like to have him watch us. He says he’s
dying to show him how a real man can fuck his wife.

Whenever we get together he has dominated me completely, and I love it.
He so much more of a man than my wimp husband Steven that I know I could
never do without him!



March 30, 2010

I awoke to a buzzing sound coming from the nightstand next to the bed.  Wholly shit I must have fallen asleep I thought.  Looking at the text message on the phone asking “where are you?”.  I look at the clock on the nightstand and it reads 2:00AM.

I gently slide out of the bed, and start to gather my things, crawling around trying to find everything in the dark, I quietly enter the bathroom and flip on the light to start and get ready to leave, running a brush through this matted mess I call my hair, putting on my shirt, and then realize I didn’t find my panties, screw them, I need to go, I pulled on my jeans, threw on my shoes and started out the door, stopping for just a moment to kiss Dwight goodbye.

Where ya goin baby? Dwight asked.

Gotta get home, I replied

Say hi to Steve for me.  Had a great night…

Heading to the car, I sent a text message to Steve, “Sorry accidently fell asleep, heading home now”.

I get to the house about 3:00AM, and head straight for the bathroom, shedding my clothes, and slide on my night shirt, then crawl into bed trying not to wake Steve.

I kissed him gently on the forehead and whispered sorry “sorry I’m late, good night”

Did you have fun? Steve softly asked.

Yes, Baby, had a great time.

So, how did we get to where we are at right now, you ask?

Steve and I (Michelle) my friends call me Chelle, have been married for 15 years, we meet in the military we were both in the Air Force, and stationed at Hickam AFB in Hawaii. We married 6 months after we met, and everything started off like any other marriage that I know.

For the 1st year or so we fucked like rabbits, constantly at each other, Steve and I have always been very physical people, working out every day, jogging you name it.

Steve is 6’0 and weighs in at 170, with blonde hair and blue eyes, I on the other hand am very petite, 5’2” and about 105lbs.

After the military Steve took a job as a computer consultant, and I as a product manager for a software firm.

We have 2 wonderful children our son is now 13 and our daughter is 11, after our daughter was born I had my tubes tied so that we couldn’t have any more kids.

After the kids came, our sex life had drifted into the once a week if we were lucky routine, between work, kids school, sports etc, well you know the drill and the thousands of excuses that couples use.

About our 7th year of marriage, Steve brought up the idea of swinging.  I immediately rejected the idea, and he never asked again, but occasionally during sex would bring the fantasy of other people into the session.  I was not used to this at first, but I quickly started playing along with him in this fantasy, which sometimes made me very hot.

Steve travels a lot on business, generally out about 3 weeks of every month, Monday – Thursday, but gets home on the weekends, it was one of these weekends in 2007 that Steve was having an issue with his PC, and was spending hours troubleshooting it, that he decided to just reload the stupid thing.  Steve needed to head out to pick up our son from a friend’s house, and I told him I would back up his drive while he was gone.  While performing the backup I noticed a subdirectory named private.  As any good wife would I had to look.

In the directory were dozens of adult clips, almost all of them interracial in nature, mostly amateur looking, clicked on several, not watching the whole things, but getting a good idea of what he had been looking at.  I did the backup, but changed the directory name to “I saw these” just to see what his reaction would be.

Steve got home, finished fixing his computer and we went on with our day, Monday was the day that Steve was leaving for Kansas for more customer meetings.  Monday night, I called Steve around 8:00PM and had our normal good night call to the kids and I, but couldn’t get my mind off of the Videos that I had found on his PC.

About 10:00PM I called Steve again, Started out with just the routine hey I miss you stuff etc., but I had to ask him, So our you missing any files on your PC?  He replied no.

I then just point blank asked him.

“Why do you like watching other people fuck?”…    Do I not satisfy you?

“What do you mean” he asked

You know I found the directory named “Private” on your laptop, stuffed with porn.

Oops was his only response

Then he began to explain that he just likes something to watch while he was out of town and away from me.

So you like jacking off watching porn? I asked smugly…

Well hey I am on the road more than I am at home, at least I am now out finding other women to fuck right? He came back a little sharply…

True, but why was it all interracial?

I don’t know it is just what I like to watch, I find that it turns me on…

OK, I said, which video is your favorite one?  I have a copy of all of them on my hard drive now, which is your favorite?

The one named “wife’s night out”

I quickly looked for that one on the backup that I kept, and opened it.

As the video started to play, I started to comment on it.

She is Hot, has a great body.

Steve surprisingly asked are you watching it???

Yes, and right now she is making out with, black guy, who by the way is kinda cute… J

Are you going to watch it along with me?  While I finger myself as I watch…   Is this one of your fantasies?

We watched the video and talked, basically had phone sex (first time) with each other while watching the video of these two fuck like animals…   at the end both Steve and I had cum, OK a couple of times, and we then realized that we had been on the phone for almost 90 minutes…

We said our goodnights and hung up…

WOW, that was erotic.

All the next day I couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun the night prior was, we had never done anything like that before, but I wanted to do it again, and tonight in fact.

We did this every night that week.  During some of these sessions Steve would ask me if I could imagine that big black cock sliding into my pussy, and trust me when I say “YES I COULD”.

When Steve got home on at about 9:00pm on Thursday, it was the first time in years that all we did was immediately jump into bed and fucked the hell out of each other.

This weekend was by far the most sex that we had had in years…   It was much like we were newlyweds again.

We kept this up for weeks, then months, always fantasy, you name it we discussed it…   J

Work started to get busy for me, as we approached the launch of a new wave of programs, which meant that now it was going to be time for me to have to do some traveling, when we launch new products the Product Manager’s like myself have to perform what are called roadshows, where we divide and conquer and travel around the world ramping our sales teams and key customers on the new products.

Mine was going to be 3 weeks straight out, first the East coast of the US, then onto London, France, Germany, and Holland.

Steve would have to stay home for these weeks with the kids, but for me this only happens about every 2 years or so, so it’s like it doesn’t happen often.

The group that I was going to traveling with was Karen, Dwight, and Ken.

Steve and I downloaded a ton of new movies for our “fun nights” J, and got ourselves set for me to be in the hotel room, and him at home for a switch.

When I hit the east coast, Steve and I had our fun times,  on Thursday we were heading for London, and would get there on Friday morning, Once we arrived in London, we checked into our hotel and basically crashed for the day, we had free time until Monday to explore London before work again next week.

I took a nap in my room waking up around 2:00 local time, and called Steve, it was now 10:00PM at home, I told the Steve and the kids goodnight, and that I was heading out to see the sights for the day…   After that I jumped into the shower and proceeded down to the lobby to find out what there was to do, and how to get to where I was going.

When I got into the lobby I went up to the Concierge desk, and started talking about what was good to see and do, when Dwight came up from behind me and asked what my plans were?

He was heading out to see the town with an old friend Manny who lives in London and asked if I wanted to tag along? Which of course I jumped at the idea, it would be much better going with a friend who had a friend with a car rather than trying to catch buses, the Tube or taxi’s all day long…

Manny came by the hotel and picked us up about 15 minutes later, we jumped into the car and headed out, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge you name it, we had a blast that day taking in all the sights of London,

Dwight and I have worked together for about a year, he recently went through a very rough divorce, he had walked in on his wife while she was in bed with another man, he was always very polite and between us was always  business.  By the way did I mention he was black, and about 6’6” tall?

Anyway Manny was also a black gentlemen, not as tall as Dwight but very well built, he explained to  that he had been a big football Star in his day here in London, but was also now in the software business.

Come around dinner time, we were discussing what we should do for the evening and they asked if I wanted to go out clubbing with them?

“Why not”?  I replied what kind of clubs?

There are several Disco’s down in Piccadilly Circus, have a few drinks, Dancing, grab some food, whatever…

With that we grabbed some food and headed back to the hotel to change for the night.

I threw on a short white party dress and heels did my hair and headed back down to the lobby where Manny and Dwight were already waiting, they asked if I was ready and we headed off for the night out on the town.

Hitting the clubs with Manny in tow was like hitting the town with a rock star, if there was a line at a club we went right to the front where the bouncer would let us right in, if there was ever a down moment someone was asking for his autograph, he wasn’t kidding when he said he was an ex-football star, and I really didn’t realize just how much this was true.

We hit about 3 clubs having a few drinks and dancing in each, then ended up at one called Tiger-Tiger at around 11:00PM

The line was around the block of people waiting to get into the club, we headed right for the front and as if on cue the doorman unlocked the rope and let us right in.

Once inside this club was hoping, dance floors on multiple levels, pounding music, it was ALIVE!

I danced with both Dwight and Manny for several songs then excused myself to the ladies room, while in line, this very young brunette in front of me turned around and said “looks like you are going to be having a fun night”

What do you mean?  I asked.

“From the looks of those two black studs they will be dogging you until after the sun comes up.”

OK, I know she was speaking English, but I didn’t understand the whole “Dogging” thing, but I think I got the picture…

“No we are just friends from work” I replied

She just kinda smirked back at me, and said “I bet”

After using the restroom I headed back to where they guys were at, they were busy chatting with a couple of women in the club, as I approached they broke off their conversation and introduced me, we ordered another round of drinks and Manny asked if I would like to dance again, of which of course I accepted, as we were on the dance floor we began to talk, and he asked if I was having a fun night and I replied that I was, I commented that he seemed to attract a crowd, and that all of the women here were stripping him with their eyes.  He chuckled and said not as long as we are with you this evening.

We continued to Dance and drink, Laughing, really just having a great time.  As the evening started to getting late, Dwight and I were on the dance floor, and Manny joined in with us the 3 of us Dancing together, the Music was pumping, the alcohol was flowing I was not drunk but had a nice buzz going, while we were dancing Dwight and Manny got me in between the themselves, when Dwight bent down and started to kiss me while holding his hands around my waist.  It was a real surprise but what surprised me even more was that I attempted absolutely no resistance, driving my tongue into his mouth while Manny was grinding against me from the rear, we stayed like this for what seemed forever, then Manny spun me around and pressed his mouth firmly against his, which again I reciprocated.

After the song ended Manny and Dwight took me by the hands and we walked off the Dance floor, Dwight, we got back over to the bar and Dwight pulled me firmly to him, and grabbing me by the ass and again started French kissing me. While I felt, Manny start to kiss me on the neck, I can tell you the blood was flowing by this point.

Dwight released his lips and looked at Manny in a way as if I weren’t even there, and said it’s time to take her back to the hotel.

A little shocked and scared, but excited none the less, they escorted me outside, it was now 1:00am and the tube was already closed, Manny found us a Car Hire, that would take us back out to the Kensington Hilton, we climbed in the back seat with me in the middle.

It got to be around 1:00am and we started out of the club, the Tube was already closed so we had to cab it back to the hotel.

The car hadn’t even started moving and both men had the hands all over me, rubbing my thighs and breasts through my dress, my head was on a swivel as I made out with both of them.  Dwight’s hand made its way into my panties and he started playing with my pussy, by this time I really didn’t know what was happening and didn’t really care, I was experiencing one of the most erotic times of my life.

We got back to the hotel, Manny paid the driver, and we headed inside, made it to the elevator, and as soon as the doors closed both guys were all over me again, it was only a 5 story ride to my floor, we exited and went straight to my room.  Once inside, I had to pee, so I jumped into the bathroom, took care of business, then stood there looking into the mirror, thinking to myself “what the fuck are you doing?” and I started shaking like a leaf.  I was so scared as to what I had gotten myself into tonight. But then thought about what Steve had been saying for so long, so I reconciled myself and told myself I would do this just this one time.

As I exited the bathroom, both Manny and Dwight were laying on the bad on each side with a space in between the two of them.  Dwight patted on the mattress in a signal as to where they wanted me, I sat on the edge of the bed, feeling very nervous, and Manny sat up and started to kiss the back of my neck while I felt Dwight’s hands start to feel my breasts through my dress, Dwight then pulled me back to lay down on the bed, and started the hottest make out session that I had ever had, both mends hands were pulling my thighs apart and sliding the hands down inside my panties.

I was laying on my side as Manny unzipped my dress from the back and started sliding it down my body, then unsnapped my bra and threw it on the floor, Dwight slid my panties off and they quickly joined my bra already on the floor, both of them were still dressed, I had tried a few times to rub there crotch but both guys brushed my hands away whenever I tried.  Manny got off the bed and headed to the bathroom.  Dwight and I continued to make out in his absence and when he returned he had the belt from the bathrobe in hands, he asked if it was OK to blindfold me, at this point they could do whatever the fuck they wanted to me, so I just turned my head as if to position myself for him to tie it around my head. Once in place, Dwight went down on my licking and eating my pussy while holding my hands down to the side.

I felt Manny climb onto the bed and start to suck on my breast, while firmly gripping the other one,  I was bucking my hips up toward Dwight, as Manny raised up and slid my head to the side and placed his cock up against my lips, which I quickly opened, as he started to slide his cock in and out of my mouth, I really couldn’t tell how big his cock was, but could tell it was rather thick, between Manny’s cock in my mouth and Dwight’s tongue in my pussy, this brought on the first orgasm of what was going to be a very long night.

I felt Dwight’s weight rise off the bed, as Manny continued to feed me his cock, his left hand went straight to my soaked pussy as he slid his finger deep inside of me.

I was sucking Manny like a bitch in heat, bottoming out on his cock as I could feel the tip hitting the back of my throat.

I felt the weight change on the bed again as Dwight climbed back on the bed, Dwight started to rub the tip of his cock against the outside of my pussy, Manny raised of off me, pulling his cock from my mouth then bent down and asked me if I wanted that cock in my pussy?

I simply replied YES!

Manny said tell us what you want Chelle.

I want you to fuck me, I replied, and with that I felt Dwight push forward and start to fuck my pussy in very long smooth strokes, Dwight was very gentle, although I have to tell you that it was taking a little getting used to, my pussy had NEVER felt like this before, it was feeling like it was being stretched, and when he was all the way in I thought he was pushing my stomach up to my throat.

Dwight fucked me missionary style, for what seemed an eternity, my pussy was accepting every thrust with pleasure, in just a few minutes, I had had two orgasms.

Without cumming, Dwight climbed off of me, and I felt Manny take his place, Manny was not as long, but felt quite a bit thicker than Dwight, many quickly turned me onto my stomach and started to fuck me from behind.

Manny was pumping into me much faster and firmer than Dwight had, fucking me with a very fast pace, when he was ready to cum, he flipped me over and shoved his cock into my mouth, after a minute or two of my mouth working on his cock, he started to cum, and cum he did, I felt the spray shoot straight to the back of my throat, gagging me for a second as I tried to swallow, but I could stiff fell, it running out of my mouth.

No sooner had Manny finished cumming Dwight pulled me towards the edge of the bed, flipped me onto my knees,, and buried his cock into my pussy doggy style.

I could tell the difference in the length, while Dwight was holding me by the hips and pulling me back nd forth across his cock, he was really picking up his pace, I was screaming like a mad woman, when he pulled his cock quickly out of me, and flipped me back over onto my back, I felt his full weight lay across me, when he told me he was going to take the blindfold off, because he wanted me to look him in the eyes as the first man other than my husband came inside of that sweat white pussy.

I did exactly as I was told, I looked straight at him while he pumped faster and faster into me, as he looked down at me and said, ” ready to fill you up” Chelle…  He then pumped his full load into my pussy, as I gently rubbed his head.

Dwight looked over at Manny and asked “So how do you like my new pussy?”

Manny replied “she is a beautiful little white slut”

I just laid there for a few minutes catching my breath, my hand rubbing down over my slightly sore pussy, but it felt wonderful as well.

Manny and Dwight were lying next to me talking as they were caressing me, I noticed my cell phone vibrating on the night stand, Steve had been calling me since around 11:00pm, it was now 3:30am the evening the day before back home, and then the phone rang again, I was scared to death to answer it, but I did, many and Dwight were very quiet as I spoke with Stave telling him that I had been out at the club with people from work, as I was talking to him, Manny started sucking on my breast again, while Dwight started to slide his fingers back into my pussy, I was getting VERY distracted, I told Stave I was tired, and I told him that I loved him, and that I would talk to him tomorrow.

As soon as we hung up both Dwight and Manny were rock hard again, this is the first tikme that I could really see how big their cocks were, Manny was probably 8” and thick as a coke bottle, while Dwight was more like 11” and thick as well.

Dwight pulled me up over his body so that I could ride him on top, he was inside of me and I was riding him as he held me tight against his body.  Dwight was speaking into my ear, talking really dirty to, asking me how I liked his cock, and how his cock felt in my pussy, by this time my pussy was throbbing, he stopped moving and told me to relax for a minute, and that they had a special surprise for me, just as I felt Manny get onto the bed behind me and felt his cock pushing up against my ass hole, slowly Manny started to push his cock into my ass, as Dwight held me with all he had, I had never done Anal sex before, so was getting quite tense, as Manny’s thick cock started pushing its way into me, they started to rock me back and forth, fucking my ass and pussy simultaneously, my pussy was in ecstasy, my ass, well that’s another story, it was burning, but I really didn’t care.

They held me tight while they fucked both my ass and my pussy without any disregard, till both of them came inside of me.

We passed out all of us on the bed, and woke up about noon the next day, before they left the room, they both fucked me one on one again, Dwight told me he would see me later, and Manny told me that it was great “meating” me.

For the rest of the trip Dwight fucked me every night, it was amazing Dwight could literally fuck for hours, the longest we had fucked on one night was 3 hours!

Also during this trip, Steve and I had not had time for our nightly sessions together due to the time difference.

Once I got home from the trip, I was by all means exhausted, jet lagged, VERY LITTLE sleep, and one hell of a sore pussy…  J

A couple of days after I got home, Steve asked me what I had done on my trip?  What did I do every night?

I replied, Give me a few minutes and I will tell you all about it, I went into the bedroom, put on my sexiest nighty, and went back to the living room, I crawled up to him where he was sitting on the couch and started rubbing my face against his crotch through his pants, I un zipped his pants and started to suck his cock, taking him all the way in, after pulling off I started to stroke his cock, as I said, “what would you think if every night I was gone I fucked a black guy?  Not only a black guy but one with an 11” cock?

I was gently rubbing his cock, while I told him about Dwight fucking me every night I was gone, I was gently rubbing my fingertips around his thighs, purposely keeping away from his cock, to see his reaction, he was getting hard as a rock while I told him about my adventures, I did not mention Manny, but told him explicit details about Dwight, I could since he was about to cum so I dove my mouth back onto his cock, he shot one hell of a load straight into my mouth!

I swallowed every drop!

I had not done that for him in a long time.

So is that why we haven’t had sex since you got home?

“I was too sore for anything baby” I replied.

So did you have fun? Steve asked?

Oh yes!

One night Dwight fucked me for 3 hours, and only came twice.

“Where did he cum?”

“Inside, in my mouth, on my face, wherever he wanted to.”

“You let him cum inside of you?”

“YES, I hope you are not mad… but you turned me onto this, I am sorry if you are hurt, or offended, you are the last person in the world that I would ever want to hurt, but it was a once in a lifetime experience and if you want me to never see him again I will agree to that, although I have to warn you he works with me.”

I started playing with his cock again, and massaging it back to an erection, while I got very close and talked to him very softly

“Baby he had an incredible cock, it’s gotta be 11” long, nice and thick, it felt SOOO GOOOD inside my pussy,” I then took his hand and slid it into my panties, as he started to finger my pussy “ Feel how wet it is making me just talking about it?”  Imagine your little white lying under a 6’6” dark black man getting fucked silly, would you like to watch that sometime?” “Like in Wife’s Night Out?”

Steve was panting by now, ready to explode again, I let go of his cock, “Why don’t you eat me while I tell you more?”

As Steve lapped at my pussy, I continued to tell him more elicit details about our fucking adventures, I looked down at Steve and blurted out, “You have got me so wet I want to feel Dwight’s cock in my pussy again!”

“So do I have to stop seeing him?”

“Fuck him all you want!!!” Steve replied.

I pushed him off of me, and Mash my face down onto his cock, and sucked him to his second orgasm in 20 minutes.

As usual after cumming Steve was ready to crash, “So my new little cuck, I take we are good right?”

“Little cuck?” Steve questioned?

“You are OK with me fucking Dwight?” you know I will ALWAYS take care of you to, I love you to death, you are my husband. If you are not OK with this let me know now, and it is over…

“No, you’re good there will be a lot of details that will need to be worked through, but I am OK with this, so when do I get to watch?”

“Well like you said there will be a lot of details to work out, right now I need a really good fucking!!!”

“Are you kidding me? You just made me cum twice, I am spent.”

“I wasn’t talking about you silly cuck, I was talking about Dwight.”

“It’s 9:00pm are you kidding?”


I grabbed my cell phone and called Dwight, “hey baby, can I come over and play?”

He gave me is address, and I grabbed an overcoat, and headed to the door, Steve was standing there in disbelief, “you’re serious?”

“Don’t wait up for me…”

With that I headed into the garage jumped into the car set the GPS and was off.

I got to Dwight’s about an hour later,

Dwight was waiting for me by the front door, he ushered me in, and immediately removed my coat seeing that I had just driven over in my nighty, he smiled and immediately pulled me to him, and started making out.

He moved me into the living room, where I told him about tonight, and the conversation that I had had with Steve, and that Steve was OK with us fucking, he just wanted to be involved and get to watch.

Dwight and I cuddled and played with each other while we talked about this and how it could work, within about 30 minutes his cock was buried to the hilt inside my pussy, my legs wrapped around his waist receiving every thrust from this beautiful black man.

Dwight and I fucked for two hours, I came at least 5 times, and he came twice, I headed home at about 12:30 and once I got there found Steve still up, I startled him when I walked into the bedroom, he was on the bed with his laptop jacking off to porn.

“Having fun?” I asked.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about it, did you really go there?”

“What do you think?”

I walked over to his side of the bed took his hand and slid it against my soaking wet pussy.

I guided his fingers into my now stretched and swollen pussy, and asked him “where do you think I went, my little cuck?, I just got fucked for 2 straight hours with an 11” cock”

“Does my little cuck need to be relieved?” “Do you want me to suck your little cock?

“GOD YES” he replied.

I climbed on top of Steve in a 69 position my pussy hanging over his face as I gently teased is cock and balls.

“How’s the view back there Baby?’ does that pussy look like it has been fucked?”

“it’s soaked” he replied

“I want you to eat it, lick it”

“I can’t you are full of his cum.”

With that I sat straight up and planted my pussy direct onto his mouth sitting on his face,

“Eat me cuck!!!”

I could feel his tongue start to lick around my sopping pussy, as I mashed it down onto his face, “we are into this together, I will not deny you and you will not deny me, understood cuck?”

He shook his head yes while he began to eat my pussy in earnest, I went back down onto Steve’s Cock and began to give him a pornstar quality blow job, taking him all the way to his balls into my mouth before he exploded into my mouth.

I climbed up to him on the bed, as we laid there and cuddled each other, I told him about my conversation with Dwight, at least the conversation before he fucked me senseless, I also told him I didn’t like the idea of him jacking off while I was out, because when he did he wouldn’t be in the mood for what I wanted to do when I got home. Just one of the details we need to figure out.

Dwight and I fucked at least 3 times a week, for the next month, every time after I got home, Steve and I would have sex, both oral and or intercourse, I knew that Steve was still jacking off, but I was playing along, with the kids, family and everyone else it was as if nothing had changed, but in private between the two of us, we had our own private secrets, he was my submissive cuck, and was really good about it.

Steve’s birthday was coming up, and he had been hammering me about joining in, and at least watching, not just hearing the stories, as the time got closer I spoke with Dwight about making plans.

I wanted to see Steve wear a chastity belt, Don’t ask me why, I just did, So I went on Ebay, dropped the $119.00 on a CB6000, hell you can buy anything on ebay…   J I also did a little additional shopping on there a gag and a few other new surprises for Steve.

Dwight and I had setup the evening and planned it out, on Steve’s birthday I sent him an email.

hey Cuck Baby:

Happy Birthday, well tonight is the night your fantasy is going to cum true, you will need to follow the instruction in this email to find your prize.

  1. Before you get off work, reach all the way down into your computer case, and there you will find small pouch. (do not open this at your desk)
  2. Just before you leave to head home go into the men’s room, follow the instructions in the pouch and you MUST wear this device home
  3. When you get home, honk the horn and wait for me in the garage.
  4. See you tonight…

Steve got home from work right at 6:00pm Dwight and I were already inside, he honked the horn, I opened the door between the house  and garage and would not let him come in, I simply asked did you follow my directions baby?

“Yes I did,” he replied

I closed the garage door and said OK let me see it…

Steve looked puzzled, I restated unzip and let me see it.

Steve unzipped his fly, and yes he was wearing the device.

I took Steve by both hands, while looking at him I explained that I just couldn’t do this with him sitting next to me jerking off, so this was a necessary evil.

I had the lock in my hand, and I reached down and explained that I was going to be holding the key, and depending how he handled himself tonight would be when it was unlocked. With that I locked the device into place, I also pulled a Leather blindfold out of my pocket, and started to place it onto his face, he asked if this was necessary, and I told him yes, until we are ready, this was his surprise.

I guided Steve into the house, and into the master bedroom, the kids were out at friends’ houses spending the night, we had this all setup.

In the master bedroom, we had moved the recliner in at the end of the bed for Steve to sit in, I guided Steve to the Chair, and we had setup restraints on the chair and I restrained his hands to the chair. I made sure Steve was nice and comfortable.

I bent down to Steve now secured into the chair and told him tonight was his night, this was for him, he was not allowed to speak, well he was not going to be able to speak for a while, because I was going to gag him, I made it clear this was by MY rules and for his pleasure. I placed the gag into his mouth, and reclined the chair back as far as it would go, I removed his blindfold and headed into the bathroom.

When I re-emerged I was wearing a black corset, a very skimpy thong, garter belt with thigh highs, and pair of 6” stiletto’s. I was also holding a ruler in my hand.

I stood directly in front of Steve, my legs spread as I stood there in my best bitch stance and asked him if I looked ready for my fucking, I held the ruler up against my stomach, and told Steve look how deep Dwight is going to bury his beautiful cock into me, this is what I have been getting fucked by for a few months now, Steve’s eyes were wide open.

With that Dwight came into the room, he reached down shook Steve’s cuffed hand and said “Happy birthday Steve, I wanted to tell you for a while now how much I enjoy fucking your little slut wife, I truly enjoy tearing that pussy up!  Tonight you are going to get your chance to see you little slut in action, I hope you enjoy it as much as I am going to.”

With that Dwight pushed me to the floor, onto my knees, I reached up and started to undo his zipper on his pants, pulling out his cock, which was at this point still limp, I devoured it into my mouth as he began to get firm, to the point where all 11” were sticking straight out in front of me, we made sure to position ourselves so that Steve could see EVERYTHING, I was sucking ALL 11” all the way to the base, I could see Steve’s eyes open wider and wider as if in disbelief as to what he was watching.

After about 5 minutes of sucking Dwight’s magnificent cock, he was ready to get some if this pussy , my G-String had clasps on the side, which he quickly undid bearing my freshly shaven pussy, I was standing in front of Steve my legs spread wide as Dwight’s fingers played with my pussy as he sucked the back of my neck, I know he was trying to leave a huge hickie.

Dwight pushed me towards Steve so that my hands here resting on Steve’s restrained arms for support, while he started to slap my pussy with his cock, my face was about 2 inches away from Steve’s when Dwight pushed with one quick plunge all the way into my pussy burying all 11” in, in one shot.  (That did hurt by the way).

Dwight fucked me fast and furious, unlike any other fucking that he had ever given me, Steve could see EVERY Expression on my face, and hear every noise come out of my mouth as Dwight piled into me from behind, Dwight fucked me like this for 30 minutes or more before he came for the first time. I came about 6 times!

When he pulled his cock out of my pussy, I stood up, and staggered for a few seconds, I literally lost my balance, from standing in the stiletto’s and fucking in that position for so long.

Dwight excused himself from the room to give Steve and I a few minutes together, I removed the gag, and uncuffed his hands, I sat on Steve’s lap cuddling and caressing him while asking how he was doing, he was OK, he was concerned about me because he had never seen me react like that before, he was afraid I was being hurt, I explained that this is exactly why I had gagged him, because I knew when he saw this for the first time, that he might not think that I was actually loving every minute of it.  His cock was also aching from the device, because he couldn’t get his cock to extend while he was getting excited.

While I was sitting on Steve’s lap I could feel Dwight’s cum running out of my pussy that was now basically hanging wide open onto Steve’s pants.

“Well that needs to stay on for now, I will decide when it gets to come off do you want us to continue?”

“Absolutely as long as you’re OK” he replied.

“I’m fine baby believe me, I am fine” “I am going to change up positions for you OK?  So you can see this from a different perspective, OK?”

I stood Steve up from the chair and told him to strip, he was very uncomfortable about this by I was very insistent about it.

Once we had his clothes off, I told him to lay in the middle of the bed, and spread eagle, I pulle the ropes that I had tied to the corners of the bed up and secured Steve there spread eagle butt naked in the middle of our king size bed, with his head towards the bottom of the bed lying on his back.

I went into the kitchen and brought Dwight back into the room.

Remember Dwight and I had planned all this out…

I sat directly down on Steve’s Face and told him to lick my pussy while I sucked on Dwight, Dwight was standing on the bed, balancing himself with the ceiling fan. J

After I got Dwight ready again I laid on top of Steve my butt against his groin, feeling his Chastity belt right in the middle of my ass cheeks as Dwight climbed up between my legs, and slid his cock into my my soaked pussy, Dwight and I fucked in this position for quite a while, as I talked to Steve while we were fucking, it really heightened my erotic senses knowing that Dwight was fucking me less than an inch from my husbands caged cock and that every time I came, my cum was running down onto his cock, and there was nothing that he could do.

I signaled Dwight that it was time to change positions, and we unlocked and slid around on top of Steve, so that I was now in a low Doggy position with my pussy hovering just over Steve’s face. As Dwight came into me from the back literally 3 inches above Steve’s face. The whole time Dwight was fucking my pussy, I was playing with Steve’s locked away cock and teasing him about it, saying things like, don’t you wish this little cock could fuck that pussy like he can, I will never be able to feel you inside of me again, etc?

After about 30 minutes fucking in this position, Dwight pulled his cock from my pussy and started pushing it into my ass, when I let out a very big yelp, and unfortunately clamped my hand down on Steve’s caged cock a little too hard when he yelped as well, we all giggled for a moment, but didn’t stop the action, Dwight fucked my ass for another good 20 minutes before he was ready to cum again, when it was time he pulled his cock out of my pussy and shot it straight into my crotch, gobbs of cum were dripping onto Steve’s face, as he tried to turn to get away from it without success.

When Dwight and I were finished we got up from the bed, Dwight got dressed, and I saw him to the door, Giving him a very long kiss goodnight, and thanking him for the evening.

I returned to the bedroom, where Steve was still there, laying naked covered in cum on the bed.

I climbed back onto the bed and cuddled up next to Steve and asked him how he was, and told him that he was great tonight and that this can happen more, if he wished, he asked if he could be untied, I told him not so fast, and since he was a good cuck tonight, that I would take care of him first, I unlocked his CB, the second that I released his cock it stood straight up on the, aching to get out of that thing.

Since you were so good I am going to give you some relief, I sat right down on his cock, easily sliding directly into my cum soaked pussy, I sat there and didn’t move, while I told him that he had created a black cock whore, I also told him that I couldn’t even feel him inside of me right now, my pussy was too stretched from the real cock that I had been fucked by for the past few hours, as I sat there motionless on top of Steve, I told him if we wanted to cum inside of me he could, but he would have to do it without moving, also teasing him about a real man’s cock coating his cock while he was inside of me, it took about 5 minutes but I could feel the little twitching inside of me, as he was cumming. After he came I went to the bathroom and got a wet towel to clean Steve’s cock up, once done I locked him back up in the CB.

I again told him Happy birthday, and released him from his restraints as I liked his face clean of Dwight’s cum, of course while I was licking him and getting some into my mouth I would shove my tongue into Steve’s mouth.

We laid in the bed for hours, cuddling and talking, I wanted to make sure Steve was OK, which he was, we talked about the things he enjoyed about the evening, and the things he didn’t, (he really did not like, Dwight’s cum splattering on his face at the end…   J

After a little while we drifted off to sleep.

Dwight and I have now been fucking for over 2 years, sometimes at least 3 times a week, sometimes more, Steve has been in and out of the CB ever since, and still gets his attention as well, although he is only occasionally allowed to jerk off, We have plastic clips for the CB today for when Steve travels on work, don’t want the X-Rays at the airport going off from the lock… J

I love making love to Steve, but I also love FUCKING Dwight, Steve has gotten very used to the circumstances of our new lives, in fact we re-performed our vows on a cruise about 6 months ago, Dwight stood in as best man…   J

Steve now actively participates with Dwight and I on occasion, he always has plenty to see, but 90% of the time, I am alone with Dwight.

We have had many adventures, In the past 2 years Dwight and I have been on a cruises together (1 alone and 1 with Steve), he has invited friends over to fuck me, had a couple of gang bangs, a new tattoo, and Steve and I have been to several swingers clubs where he got to play, I however will only fuck Steve and Blacks, but have found I also like a little girl-girl.

Very few close friends know about the arrangement Steve and I have, one in particular Lisa, has also started to get her husband used to the idea as well, these and other stories will follow, Hope you enjoyed.



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